Inclusion and Learning Alongside Peers

A beautifully written article about all the reasons why we should be including all students in the general education curriculum to the greatest extent possible. In the wise words of Lisa Dieker, “inclusion isn’t something you do, it’s something you believe.”

A few of my favorite quotes from this article include:

“Inclusion isn’t something you do,” explained Lisa Dieker, referring to the practice in which children with special needs are included in general education classes. “It’s something you believe.”

“A child who is not included in general education classes is missing out on the full-range of educational and social experiences that prepare other students to be as successful as possible in their adult lives,” said Ricki Sabia

“Inclusion teaches everyone in the classroom to accept students with disabilities and value their contributions, to adapt to challenges and celebrate strengths.”

“…learning alongside his peers gives him the opportunity to live alongside his peers, as independently as he is able and chooses.”

“At its best, inclusion is about relationships, high expectations, and perseverance,” said Cindi May

“The biggest risk of not including a child with disabilities is that we limit everyone’s potential as human beings,” said Nicole Eredics

“A truly inclusive classroom is modified so every student is part of the instruction.”